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The walls of our houses and apartments offer a window into the many stories and life projects of our renters. Khaddouj and her husband Rachik take us on a tour of their living space, which they have been dreaming of for a long time.

Khaddouj and Rachik were in known territory when they decided to move into their new two-bedroom apartment. For 13 years, they lived in a road adjacent to Felicity. “We know the area very well and enjoy living here,” smiles Khaddouj. Butcher’s, baker’s, chemist’s... she’s used to the neighbourhood.

Kaddouj & Rachik

"I’ve always said to my husband: ‘That’s where I’d like to live later’."

But why move barely a few dozen metres from their former home? “Day after day, floor by floor, I watched the construction of the Felicity buildings. During the construction works, I saw how much care was taken in building the site and the quality of the materials used. I’ve always said to my husband: ‘That’s where I’d like to live later’,” explains Khaddouj.

Space for the whole family

The couple of senior citizens especially like the ease provided by the lift, the surrounding peace and quiet and the comfort from their apartment’s state-of-the-art insulation. They’re delighted: “We still haven’t had to turn on the heating... And even our cat is already used to it!”

"Family is very important to us!"

The couple has made the apartment a warm place where it’s lovely to have a coffee and chat. “Before, we lived in an apartment with rooms leading into one another in a town house,” explains Khaddouj. “None of the rooms were really separate and it was difficult to have privacy.”

This is why she really likes this new home where everyone has their own space... and where the second bedroom can accommodate a family member on occasion. “Six children and twenty-one grandchildren: family is very important to us!”

 “And the light!” she adds enthusiastically. Soon, she promises, there’ll be geraniums on the terrace. It’s the morning and light is already brightening up the whole living room...

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