Five interior design tips to cheer up your Blue Monday

Today is the most depressing day of the year, appropriately dubbed Blue Monday. The end-of-year festivities and holiday are becoming an increasingly distant memory while the days remain short, cold and dark, and the start of spring remains out of sight. The end of the atmospheric month of December also left our homes empty and cold: no more colourfully decorated Christmas trees, twinkling lights or beautifully set tables.

And yet, there is no need to wait till the next major holiday or spring before you can give your home some extra TLC (tender loving care). Blue Monday doesn’t have to be any more depressing than it already is. Take matters into your own hands and bring the festive atmosphere and warmth of December into the remainder of the long winter with these five tips by our Property Manager Julie Hemmeryckx!

Tip 1

A clean slate

Julie’s first tip is to start with a major tidying up session. Julie: “When you want to (re)decorate, it is always a good idea to assess what you can work with in the first place. Tidying up will help create a blank canvas, a kind of clean slate. Plus, you will realise that you have more space than you thought. This will help you find new opportunities to add some extra love to your room.”

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to keep your home tidy? This is your chance to a great start! Tidying can be quite simple, according to Julie: “Simply put your things where they belong: coats on the coat rack, toys in a box (with a lid), dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Consider donating things you no longer need or that get in the way. There are all kinds of charities that would love to take them off your hands.”

And find a stylish box or basket for all your small items that do have a purpose but not a specific place. The box or basket can double as a nice decorative piece.

Tip 2

Add light to your home

Julie’s second tip is to make sure your home is sufficiently lit. Outside, the winter days are short, wet and bleak. This means we spend a lot of time indoors and get little exposure to daylight. And it can be quite dark indoors as well, especially if your windows face north.

“You can always choose to add more light. There are various ways to do it, and we expect some specific trends for this year”, our Property Manager adds. “According to many trendspotters, neon lighting is back in style and lots of homes will be cheered up with candles in all kinds of colours and shapes. In addition, pendant lamps made of natural materials such as bamboo, rotan and wood can be a cosy, warm source of extra light at home.”






Tip 3

Plants as a cheerful accent

A little bit of fresh greenery can do wonders. That is why our Property Manager's third tip is to use plants as a cheerful accent. “A great way to infuse a home with some extra life and oxygen for the dark and long winter months”, she explains.

Place a pot with a large plant where your Christmas tree used to be and a vase with (dried) flowers on the table to replace your Christmas bouquet. Perhaps you decorated your window sills with pine branches for Christmas; replace them with colourful flower pots. “A smart and cheerful way to fill in the gaps after Christmas while bringing some springtime into your home!”













Tip 4

Green is the colour of the 2022 winter

“A grey and bleak winter? It doesn't have to be! According to many trendspotters, cheerful green is the colour of the winter this year. That is why Julie’s fourth tip is to add some extra green to your decoration. Green is the colour of nature and we tend to associate it with good health and serenity.

Is an entire green wall or piece of furniture one bridge too far for you? Another option is to go for some green accents: a green photo frame, vase or cushion will do wonders when it comes to adding some extra colour to your interior.






Tip 5

Hygge atmosphere

Finally, you can make your winter months extra cosy by going for the Danish hygge atmosphere. “A bit difficult to translate, the Danish term hygge represents comfort, warmth, fun and harmony. An atmosphere that can be created after the end-of-year period by choosing the right interior”, Julie explains.

How to go about it? Go for warm, natural colours such as beige, brown or cream. And combine these soft tones with a bright colour such as trendy green. Another way to create hygge is by working with soft and natural materials. “Some examples include cuddly (faux) sheepskin, knitted wool plaids and soft cushions”, Julie concludes.








Your turn to shine!

Despite Blue Monday being the most depressing day of the year and winter lasting until mid March, there is no reason for you to resign. These five tips by Julie Hemmeryckx, Property Manager at Home Invest Belgium, demonstrate that there are plenty of options for you to cheer and warm up your home. It is now your turn to shine: take control and convert Blue Monday, and the remainder of this winter, into an atmospheric season.

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